Unbeatable Value with Top-Notch Performance and Usability.

Our partner OpTech Informatik is driven by highly experienced managers with many years of experience in Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance combined with excellent IT know-how, specifically in the domain of "Big Data" analysis& reporting.

For more details regarding FAST, check out their website at www.optech-informatik.de

The OpTech product portfolio comprises:

  1. FAST - Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance

    FAST can detect a large set Fraud Types in Mobile, Fixed and IP Networks.

    In the Revenue Assurance domain, FAST provides a set of core analysis modules:

    • xDR Leakage Analysis
    • Prepaid Verification
    • Provisioning Cross-Check
    • Rating Verification
    • Interconnect Verification
  2. FAST - Data Retention

    Core features of the solution:

    • Very fast XDR/Transaction Data import (thousands of records per second and CPU core)
    • Fast access to selective subscriber XDRs.
    • Multi-Format import, flexible XDR/xDR processing formats
    • Optionally Monitoring/Alarm checking of Subscribers based on xDR-Call Record related conditions
    • User Friendly Interface with Functions for Statistics, Alarm-Pattern Definition, Query & Retrieval & Export
    • Fully scalable, unlimited storage capabilities
    • Linear growth of data volume -> linear growth of HW costs!
  3. FAST - SIMBOX Check

    Based on the OpTech analysis of network data (with TrafMiner. OpTech can configure a set of rules covering various aspects like:

    • Different time intervals
    • Different types of SIMBOX behaviour
    • Different target networks (intra-network or external networks)
    • Different tariff modells or budget tariffs
  4. FAST - IMEI Control

    The FAST Application retrieves and updates the internal IMEI Lists of FAST with the external database from GSMA. This database contains, amongst others, the following information:

    • WhiteListed IMEI Ranges or specific lists of accepted IMEIs
    • Blacklisted IMEI Ranges or lists of blacklisted IMEIs
  5. FAST - Customer Experience Management

    Based on the strong FAST InMemory DB we can keep up to 4 Billion records Online on just a € 25k HW platform. Data considered for Customer Experience Management integrates:

    • Radio related Information (2G,3G,4G) on A, IuCs/IuPs Interfaces
    • Call Setup/Data Transmission related Information (GPRS/User Plane)
    • Call Records from Switches and/or Billing
    • Roaming Related Information (Map)
    • Customer Contract Data/Customer Profile Data
    • IMEI/TAC Database
    • Cell Location/Geography/Sectors & Azimuth Databases
    • Google Maps Visualizations